The History and Spirit of English Pubs

english pub

The Loyal Oarsman was formed out of a long history of English pubs that date back centuries. They have also been more than a simple “drinking hole”, but rather a place of gathering for the community.

The English tradition of bars started back in Roman Times with pubs, a location where fatigued travellers could possibly obtain a bed for the evening and a few steins of ale and a bite to eat to help them on their method. (If you’re a fan of Games of Thrones, then you have seen this represented on the show at the Crossroads)

However, pubs quickly became more than that as more and more of them began popping up. This once led King Edgar to decree that there was to be merely one ‘alehouse’ for individuals to drink in each town as every house was turning into a gathering place to drink ale.

These places have maintained their popularity for centuries. Traditional English bar food such as bangers and mash, pot pies, and fish n chips have stood the test of time.

More than the food, there is something special about the environment of English pubs. Go to any kind of English pub and you will certainly experience this comfortable and at home sensation without a doubt. Be it the design or the ambience, music or the foamy pint.

The design and the feeling uniquely represents the very real English feel. The wood decoration with maple beams, the low height ceilings, and that edge fireplace that makes you ultra comfy, all helps with the feeling.

English pubs have actually not just been a location to hang out, however, they stand for the spirit of the community. Therefore, English Pubs have been more than just outing spots, they are special places where males and females discover relief for their busy, stressed lives.

So, at the end of your day today, why don’t you come and do what people having been doing for centuries? That is enjoying English pubs.

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